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Re: [nmh-workers] localhost anomaly

2019-06-24 14:50:00
occurs to me that we should print the port number that we are using in
the error message, as that would provide a hint to people as to what is
going wrong.

That would be (and would have been) most helpful.

Instead of saying failure to connect to "localhost" it would have been most
helpful if the message had said failure to connect to "localhost:587".

Here's the new message:

post: problem initializing server; [BHST] Connection to "localhost:587" failed: 
Connection refused

This code has been committed to the tree and will be in the next release.
I would note that the port number shows up now if you use -snoop, but it's
clear that people don't always use that switch.  If there are MULTIPLE
addresses that are being connected to then the error message suggests you
use -snoop for more detail, but I don't think it's worth doing that for
the ordinary case here.



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