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[nmh-workers] fetchmail and SNI (and pop.gmail.com)

2019-06-27 09:10:28

I have used:

   fetchmail --verbose --sslcertpath="/etc/ssl/certs" --sslcertck --proto POP3 
--mda "rcvstore -sequence gmail +inbox" --logfile /var/tmp/gmail.log 

to get my gmail downloaded for some time now.
It seems that fetchmail doesn't enable SNI for it's TLS connection, and I
don't see any new versions of fetchmail in years.  It looks like
pop.gmail.com wants SNI:

fetchmail: Trying to connect to 2607:f8b0:4001:c16::6c/995...connected.
fetchmail: Server certificate:
fetchmail: Unknown Organization
fetchmail: Issuer CommonName: invalid2.invalid
fetchmail: Subject CommonName: invalid2.invalid
fetchmail: Server CommonName mismatch: invalid2.invalid != pop.gmail.com
fetchmail: pop.gmail.com key fingerprint: 
fetchmail: Server certificate verification error: self signed certificate
fetchmail: Missing trust anchor certificate: /OU=No SNI provided; please fix 
your client./CN=invalid2.invalid

[nice hack to send a message back to the user Google...]

I don't think that inc has any TLS support.
(kerberos support, yes)

Maybe there are other ways to skin this cat?

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