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Re: [nmh-workers] success using the OAUTH2 with gmail.

2019-06-27 13:02:06
-authservice is missing from the inc.1 man page.

Um, is it?  I just looked at my copy, and it's there!  And according to
the revision history that was added in 2016, and nmh 1.7 was released
in 2017 (and I didn't update the NEWS file for 1.7.1; dammit).

I think that maybe we should have --gmail which sets all the right

I believe that -authservice gmail does that already (it should use our
compiled-in default values for gmail, including our registered client

If you mean --gmail does everything like -initialtls, -host, -port, -sasl
-saslmech xoauth2 and -authservice gmail, weeeellll .... actually, I have
some thoughts on that.

Let's say in a hypothetical future we support IMAP.  That means that nearly
every command would take a whole pile of arguments like -initialtls,
-host, -port, -sasl, and more.  Obviously changing your profile for every
nmh command would be awful.  So there should be some way of handling that.
What I had thought maybe was tying profile entries to mailboxes, so if
you did "scan my-imap-server:foo" it could possibly look in your profile
and find:

my-imap-server: -host my.server.com -port imap -tls -sasl -saslmech GSSAPI 
-user me

You get the idea.  But thinking about this more makes me think that we
should extend this a bit so it's not tied to folders, but a generic
connection profile defaults and we could provide ones that work with
Gmail.  I don't have it all jelled in my head how this would look and
you'd need to do something to ADD to an existing connection profile so
you could supply your own username, for example.  But it seems like it
should be doable.  But I guess my idea is that you should be able to
do something like

inc -conn gmail -user myuser@gmail.com

and the right stuff should happen.  Make sense?



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