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Re: [nmh-workers] success using the OAUTH2 with gmail.

2019-06-27 13:34:22
   > Um, is it?  I just looked at my copy, and it's there!  And according to
   > the revision history that was added in 2016, and nmh 1.7 was released
   > in 2017 (and I didn't update the NEWS file for 1.7.1; dammit).

Sorry, I should be more precise.
The values which are valid for "authservice" are not, as far as I can,

Reading that with fresh eyes .... yeah, I see what you mean.  We kind
of skate on the details with regards to that, don't we?  It's meant to
be generic, in theory, but we don't really say anywhere "Hey, we have
included the right magic for gmail so you just need to say -authservice
gmail".  We do point to the mhlogin(1) man page, but we don't go into
great detail there either.

Thanks for this feedback!  It's always good to get someone new looking
at this, because since I was involved with the integration of this code
(not as much as David and Eric, though) I was familiar with the basic
ideas so I didn't see what was missing.

Back in:


One of my bullet points for a possible 1.8 release was:

- Write a man page explaining about the network security for inc/post and
  friends and how it works in nmh, since it's kind of confusing.

And this sounds like a perfect candidate for this.



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