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Re: [nmh-workers] success using the OAUTH2 with gmail.

2019-06-27 13:18:10

Ken Hornstein <kenh@pobox.com> wrote:
    >> -authservice is missing from the inc.1 man page.

    > Um, is it?  I just looked at my copy, and it's there!  And according to
    > the revision history that was added in 2016, and nmh 1.7 was released
    > in 2017 (and I didn't update the NEWS file for 1.7.1; dammit).

Sorry, I should be more precise.
The values which are valid for "authservice" are not, as far as I can, 

    > I believe that -authservice gmail does that already (it should use our
    > compiled-in default values for gmail, including our registered client
    > identifier).

okay, I suggest an example in inc.

    > If you mean --gmail does everything like -initialtls, -host, -port, -sasl
    > -saslmech xoauth2 and -authservice gmail, weeeellll .... actually, I have
    > some thoughts on that.

    > Let's say in a hypothetical future we support IMAP.  That means that 
    > every command would take a whole pile of arguments like -initialtls,
    > -host, -port, -sasl, and more.  Obviously changing your profile for every
    > nmh command would be awful.  So there should be some way of handling that.
    > What I had thought maybe was tying profile entries to mailboxes, so if
    > you did "scan my-imap-server:foo" it could possibly look in your profile
    > and find:

Interesting idea.

    > You get the idea.  But thinking about this more makes me think that we
    > should extend this a bit so it's not tied to folders, but a generic
    > connection profile defaults and we could provide ones that work with
    > Gmail.  I don't have it all jelled in my head how this would look and
    > you'd need to do something to ADD to an existing connection profile so
    > you could supply your own username, for example.  But it seems like it
    > should be doable.  But I guess my idea is that you should be able to
    > do something like

    > inc -conn gmail -user myuser@gmail.com

    > and the right stuff should happen.  Make sense?

Yeah, that's what I'd want to happen.

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