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Re: [nmh-workers] success using the OAUTH2 with gmail.

2019-06-30 10:05:58
Ken writes:

It's meant to
be generic, in theory, but we don't really say anywhere "Hey, we have
included the right magic for gmail so you just need to say -authservice
gmail".  We do point to the mhlogin(1) man page, but we don't go into
great detail there either.

inc(1) man page:

    which must be specified with the -authservice service switch.
    Before using this, the user must authorize nmh by running
    mhlogin and granting authorization to that account.  See
    mhlogin(1) for more details.

mhlogin(1) man page:

    mhlogin currently only supports OAuth for Gmail.  Run mhlogin
    -user username -saslmech xoauth2 -authservice gmail


    even though only Gmail is supported out of the box

Updates welcome.



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