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Re: 'comp' broke after fedora upgrade 29->30 | need help w/ Makefile targets

2019-12-08 18:54:57
Tom writes:

After upgrading from fedora 29 to fedora 30, I get

Fedora 30 uses readline 8.0.  The easiest ways to deal with it would be to 
rebuild your local nmh (I recommend build_nmh in the top-level nmh source 
directory) or install the Fedora RPM (sudo dnf install nmh).

I assume I should back up > /usr/local/nmh/etc
and then use make to remove the current install. How/which target?

There is an uninstall target, but I've never used it.  I just remove the entire 
nmh tree (/usr/local/nmh/ in your case).


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