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Re: adapting scan.default to show local TZ date

2019-12-28 12:34:08
In the last few years, I see more email that has no local
timezone, as in 

   Sat, 28 Dec 2019 13:59:24 +0000

Please give an example of a 'scan' format file that converts
dates to my local time zone.

We actually had a huge discussion about this a few years ago, and you
can find the details here with a number of examples (the huge discussion
was about whether or not it should be the default).


But the executive summary is "use %(datetolocal{date}) before outputting
the date".  Here's the default scan format with that change (admittedly, since
the default scan format only outputs the day and not the time, it doesn't
change much):

%4(msg)%<(cur)+%| %>%<{replied}-%?{encrypted}E%| %>\
%(date2local{date})%02(mon{date})/%02(mday{date})%<{date} %|*%>\
%<(zero)%17(unquote(decode(friendly{from})))%>  \

We should probably include a scan format in the distribution that includes
a call to date2local as an example.


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