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Re: Scan all folders for unseen messages

2019-12-28 12:13:51
I just find the relevantsection of the comp man page:

"By default the "To:" and "cc:" fields are empty.  You may add addresses
to these fields with the -to address and -cc address switches.
You may give these switches multiple times to add multiple addresses."

to be confusing. I'd appreciate an example as I have a serious aversion
to making a fool of myself.

I wrote that section of the man page and I just re-read it now and I
don't find it confusing, but obviously I am biased because I wrote
it.  :-)  But I feel if people find it confusing then I didn't do a good
enough job.  Can you elaborate on what you find confusing about it?
I know Ralph explained how it works in practice; if an example in the
man page would be helpful, then we could add that.


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