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Re: Scan all folders for unseen messages

2019-12-28 08:14:25
Hi Arthur,

What I was trying to do was send email to both Conrad Hughes and
Robert Elz thanking them for their help.

I just find the relevantsection of the comp man page:

"By default the "To:" and "cc:" fields are empty.  You may add
addresses to these fields with the -to address and -cc address
switches.  You may give these switches multiple times to add multiple

to be confusing. I'd appreciate an example as I have a serious
aversion to making a fool of myself.

comp(1)'s -to can be given more than once, but comp constructs a single
To field.

    $ grep To /etc/nmh/components
    %<{to}%(void(width))%(putaddr To: )%|To:%>
    $ comp -build -form /etc/nmh/components -from me -to foo -to bar
    $ cat mail/draft
    From: me
    To: foo, bar
    Fcc: +outbox

I used -form because my personal mail/components file works differently.

Cheers, Ralph.

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