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Re: Scan all folders for unseen messages

2019-12-28 07:42:35
Your email had two To fields.  That's against RFC 2822 that states it
may have none or one.  Just pointing it out in case you had software
create that problem instead of a human.  :-)

Some mailing-list subscribers bounced that email due to this problem.

Cheers, Ralph.

No, that was me and my ignorance showing.

What I was trying to do was send email to both Conrad Hughes and Robert
Elz thanking them for their help.

I just find the relevantsection of the comp man page:

"By default the "To:" and "cc:" fields are empty.  You may add addresses
to these fields with the -to address and -cc address switches.
You may give these switches multiple times to add multiple addresses."

to be confusing. I'd appreciate an example as I have a serious aversion
to making a fool of myself.

Thanks, Arthur

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