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Re: Scan all folders for unseen messages

2019-12-28 13:21:26
I just find the relevantsection of the comp man page:

to be confusing. I'd appreciate an example as I have a serious aversion
to making a fool of myself.

I wrote that section of the man page and I just re-read it now and I
don't find it confusing, but obviously I am biased because I wrote
it.  :-)  But I feel if people find it confusing then I didn't do a good
enough job.  Can you elaborate on what you find confusing about it?
I know Ralph explained how it works in practice; if an example in the
man page would be helpful, then we could add that.

How does one put into words what one finds confusing?

When I read it I wasn't sure if it was:

From: me@email.net
To: person1
To: person2

or To: person1, person2

or To: person1 To: person2

or To: person1 -to person2

or To: person1
-to person2

Now, all of this may seem absurd to the technically inclined, but for
the rest of us, in many cases if it isn't spelled out step by step,
we're lost.

That's why in many cases when I have a problem my first resort is
searching for examples on the web. Man pages are usually my last resort.


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