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Re: adapting scan.default to show local TZ date ... "use %(datetolocal{date}) before outputting date" < worked/thanks!

2019-12-28 12:51:15
On Sat 12/28/19 13:33 -0500 Ken Hornstein wrote:
In the last few years, I see more email that has no local
timezone, as in 

   Sat, 28 Dec 2019 13:59:24 +0000

Please give an example of a 'scan' format file that converts
dates to my local time zone.

We actually had a huge discussion about this a few years ago, and you
can find the details here with a number of examples (the huge discussion
was about whether or not it should be the default).


But the executive summary is "use %(datetolocal{date}) before outputting
the date".  

Great/that worked for me!

thanks Ken,

Here's the default scan format with that change (admittedly, since
the default scan format only outputs the day and not the time, it doesn't
change much):

%4(msg)%<(cur)+%| %>%<{replied}-%?{encrypted}E%| %>\
%(date2local{date})%02(mon{date})/%02(mday{date})%<{date} %|*%>\
%<(zero)%17(unquote(decode(friendly{from})))%>  \

We should probably include a scan format in the distribution that includes
a call to date2local as an example.


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