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Re: Scan all folders for unseen messages

2019-12-28 19:53:40
Right there you have cleared things up for me. When you say command line
switch you're talking:

comp -to person1 -to person2

from the command line. I never knew you could do that. (But then Conrad
didn't know about "new" and he knows a lot more than I do :-)).

Well, to be fair, that's a new (pun intended) feature of nmh; it's only
7 years old :-).  And adding that feature broke things for MH-E users;
there's always a trade-off when adding new stuff to nmh.  So if you're
a long-time MH user, it's not surprising you wouldn't be aware of that.

So, yes, I think explaining each switch up front, combined with an
example, would be helpful.

I'll add it to the to-do list!  (it's a long list, sadly).


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