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Re: ics files with nhm / mh-e

2019-12-29 12:53:27

Axel Jantsch <axel.jantsch@tuwien.ac.at> wrote:
    > What are the best ways to deal with ics calendar files with nhm and/or
    > mh-e ?

    > I use nmh with mh-e as front end, and get regularly ics files. When
    > getting such a file I would like to do the following:

    > 1 a) Add the event to my google calendar;
    > b) Make an update to an existing event in my google calendar

I bounce the email to my gmail account :-(
If there were a reliable IMAP server that could serve my desktop +inbox,
then I'd point gmail and/or Thunderbird (with Google Calendar plugin) at it.
{my desktop has public IPv6}

    > 2 a) Add it to the emacs diary file;
    > b) Make an update to an existing entry in emacs diary;

I tried to use it once, but I didn't get far.

    > 3) Acknowledge / accept / reject the event;

You can do that from google calendar, once it is in place.

    > For (1a) I use gcalcli but I feel it is a bit unreliable; it worked
    > well, then it did not work for several months due to an update; then it
    > worked again on some of my platforms but not others. So I wonder if
    > there is a better alternative.

I never got gcalcli working.  Maybe I tried when it didn't work.
That seems like the best solution to me.

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