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Re: ics files with nhm / mh-e

2019-12-29 14:37:16

Once you find something that works on the command line, I can think of a
couple of ways to access your method with MH-E:

1. Use the `|' (mh-pipe-msg) command to pipe the entire message through
   an appropriate command.


2. Use `K e' (mh-display-with-external-viewer) to 'view' the ICS
   attachment with an appropriate command.


Axel Jantsch <axel.jantsch@tuwien.ac.at> wrote:


What are the best ways to deal with ics calendar files with nhm and/or mh-e ?

I use nmh with mh-e as front end, and get regularly ics files. When
getting such a file I would like to do the following:

1 a) Add the event to my google calendar;
  b) Make an update to an existing event in my google calendar  

2 a) Add it to the emacs diary file;
  b) Make an update to an existing entry in emacs diary;
3) Acknowledge / accept / reject the event;

For (1a) I use gcalcli but I feel it is a bit unreliable; it worked
well, then it did not work for several months due to an update; then it
worked again on some of my platforms but not others. So I wonder if
there is a better alternative.

For (1b) and (3) I have no working solution.

What methods do others use?


Axel Jantsch
TU Wien
Email: axel.jantsch@tuwien.ac.at
Web: www.ict.tuwien.ac.at

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