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Re: vixie out

2019-12-29 20:11:54
Geez, Bill, you HAVE been out of it for a little while, haven't you? :-)

Dovecot is a server and Maildir is mail storage format. What are you
using as a UI?

Paul has mentioned this before, but to fill you in ... I forget which
MUA he uses (I want to say Thunderbird, maybe?) but the key point here
is Dovecot stores it's messages in Maildir folders.  So he was interested
in tools that could work directly on Maildir folders.  This is a _BIT_

As a larger note ... I always thought the use of Maildir as a message
folder format was a bit weird.  I have no objections if people want to
add that support for Maildir folders, but there are some challenges, and
I think the number of people who would find that useful is small compared
to the number of people who would find IMAP useful, so it wasn't something
I was going to work on (we do, today, have support in inc(1) for Maildir).

Yeah, with all of the security that NASA is adding, my days of fetchmail
and procmail are numbered at work, and with it, MH and MH-E, unless I
can find a way to bridge the gap between the NASA Linux email UI
(Evolution?) and the MH mail store.

I can't speak for exactly what you guys are doing, but I believe we
support all of the relevant security protocols with regards to POP
and SMTP.  So if you guys have a POP server and a SMTP server you point
Evolution to, I don't think there's a reason you couldn't use nmh with it.


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