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Re: vixie out

2019-12-29 21:38:59
Ken Hornstein <kenh@pobox.com> wrote:

The new system is Office 365 and all employees are *required* to use
Lookout on their Windows and Mac systems as an MUA using a badge for
authentication. Given that, I'm pessimistic there is an open way to
access NASA email. Linux users currently have a waiver to continue using
IMAP, but that will go away once NASA IT finds a solution. It is likely
to be a dictated MUA (as with the Mac and Windows) rather than a general

Geez, you really should be more up-to-date on the mailing list :-)

We're in agreement there!

I can't promise this will work for you, but this message might be


Indeed. If you're still associated with the navy, you're certainly
feeling the same pain, as the requirements come from the NIST, I think.
I'll look forward to trying it when I return to the office. Thanks for
pointing out the thread as I clearly missed it during my skim.


Bill Wohler <wohler@newt.com> aka <Bill.Wohler@nasa.gov>
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