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Re: Problem sending jar file to Windows user

2021-07-05 14:58:57
On Mon, 05 Jul 2021 12:22:55 -0700, norm@dad.org wrote:

First: I attached /home/norm/lib/Jar/chart.jar to a draft and then I did
an 's' to whatNow, I got an error message from whatNow. I am very sorry
that I didn't record and don't remember anything about that message.

Second: I copied /home/norm/lib/Jar/chart.jar to /tmp/,chart.zip and attached

I'm not the expert, but have you successfully sent .zip files to
this person before on this email address?  I could be that .zip file
attachments are rejected.

Just a thought - though probably not accurate :-(

This time whatNow accepted an 's'.  But then I got the an error Email, which
I am attaching to this message.
    Norman Shapiro

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