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2001-06-16 00:43:12
on 01.6.15 9:04 AM, Edward Peschko at edwardp(_at_)excitehome(_dot_)net wrote:
How exactly do you add a new charset map to Unicode::Map? Where do you get the
encodings from? Where are they defined?

I saw your reference to, but that just points
to a file, not a directory of mapping sets.

All I'm trying to do is convert from UTF8 to iso-2022-jp ( the form of shift
jis that is used in email...) any help on how to do this would be greatly

  If that is the deal, just use Jcode available via CPAN.  And

    use Jcode;

    $iso_2022_jp = jcode($utf8, 'utf8')->iso_2022_jp;

  Unfortunately, Unicode::String (and Unicode::Map8) cannot handle 16-bit
CJKV strings (and that's the reason why I developed Jcode).
  Also note iso-2022-jp is NOT shift jis.  It is jis encoding without
so-called hankaku kana.
  If you want to learn more about CJKV encodings, see Ken Lunde's book

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