Re: [Encode] enc2txt missing under perl-current/utils/

2002-04-01 08:12:25
On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 06:38:34PM +0900, Dan Kogai wrote:

   The recent rsync run has already updated perl-current/ext/Encode to 
ver. 1.11 but there is no perl-current/utils/enc2xs.PL yet, though 
piconv.PL is already there.  From the next time on, please make sure

cp ext/Encode/bin/enc2xs utils/enc2xs.PL
cp ext/Encode/bin/piconv utils/piconv.PL

I won't do cp, since I'll forget to do that, instead the .PL reads the
body of the script from the Encode subdir.

   I am working on other util scripts but those two should be enough....

Dan the Encode Maintainer

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