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Re: Question

1996-06-14 11:06:46
At 03:55 96-06-14, ww8q wrote:

However, I am having a problem when I pop mail from my Internet provider.
When mail arrives on the system, it goes directly to the users mail box and
does not seem use the users .forward file or to matter what is set in the
users .procmailrc file..

When you say you 'pop' mail, I assume you mean that you're using some
popclient software.  How is *that* configured to deliver mail?  Unless
it is handing it off to sendmail, procmail will never get invoked.

Someone recently posted the solution they used -- they changed the
source of their popclient software to use procmail for local delivery.
(Sorry, I don't remember who.)

Hal Wine <hal(_at_)dtor(_dot_)com>     voice: 510/482-0597

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