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Unidentified subject!

1996-06-22 15:35:28
I have a simple auto-responder set up so that mail to
geogig-info(_at_)homebuilt(_dot_)com gets sent an information file by return 
(with a similar setup for geogig-rsvp-form mail). It works fine for mail
from most users, however it doesn't seem to work with Compuserve addresses.
Most of my audience for this event are Compuserve members as it happens. If
I send mail from my Compuserve account, I receive it at, but I
don't get the info message back at Compuserve. 

Can anyone see what is wrong here?

This is the recipe I'm using followed by the headers from a Compuserve message.


:1 c
^To: geogig-info*
| ( formail -rA"X-Replier: Georgetown Fly-In"\
        -i"From:Georgetown Fly-In <geogig-rsvp(_at_)homebuilt(_dot_)com"\
        -i"Subject:Georgetown Fly-In Info"; \
        cat GeogigInfoFile \
        echo " " \
        cat rsvp-form \
        echo " " ) | $SENDMAIL -t
:1 c
^To: geogig-rsvp-form*
| ( formail -rA"X-Replier: Georgetown Fly-In"\
        -i"From:Georgetown Fly-In <geogig-rsvp(_at_)homebuilt(_dot_)com"\
        -i"Subject:Georgetown Fly-In RSVP Form"; \
        cat rsvp-form-intro \
        echo " " \
        cat rsvp-form \
        echo " " ) | $SENDMAIL -t

(message headers)

Date: 20 Jun 96 18:16:32 EDT
From: Chuck Kennedy <71410(_dot_)1100(_at_)CompuServe(_dot_)COM>
To: <geogig-info(_at_)homebuilt(_dot_)com>
Subject: d
Message-ID: <960620221632_71410(_dot_)1100_EHB38-1(_at_)CompuServe(_dot_)COM>

Chuck Kennedy, CFII, NCTMB|  Best show on television: Party of Five  |
chuck(_at_)homebuilt(_dot_)com       |          Wednesdays at 9:00 E/P          
71410(_dot_)1100(_at_)compuserve(_dot_)com |              Fox Television        
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