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Re: HTML mailer bouncing

1997-10-01 09:12:39
Kimmo Jaskari writes on 1 October 1997 at 17:56:06
Does anyone have a nice way to make messages that are sent in HTML format

hopefully, the generating MUA is creating multipart/alternative
message, which puts most of the problem in your court.

Here's what I use to detect HTML
  * ()<(body[^<>]*|html)>
  { ... looks like HTML in the body ...}

bounce with a note stating why it bounced and what they can do about it?

various bounce techniques are posted here on a weekly basis.  If you
don't want to write your own, try  Alan Stebbens' "ackmail.rc".

Alternatively, if someone knows a good way to strip the html tags from a
message and turn it into plain old text I would appreciate tips.

the RFC describing text/enriched has a simple filter.

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