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Re: Catting a nastygram at the top of the body

1997-10-08 20:40:52

Thanks for your help. Can I get you to clarify a few things?

| Procmail complains about an undefined variable. Why?

(1) your .procmailrc has SHELL set to csh or a derivative OR

Default shell is tcsh, sure enough. And it's Linux, too, go figure. I can
fix that.

# Modify the head as before, and append spambounce after the head's closing
# blank line (so that it becomes the top of the body).  Note that -b is no
# longer needed as we are feeding only the head to formail -r and keeping
# the body aside to be reattached after the filter; neither is -k, but it
# might make you feel better and will make sure that the blank line is pre-
# served in case you ever modify the formail options to include a -x or -X:

      :0 fhw
      * ! ^TOwebmaster(_at_)type2\(_dot_)com
      * ! ^X-Loop: webmaster(_at_)bigkitty\(_dot_)azaccess\(_dot_)com
      | formail -i"From: Mail_Filter(_at_)type2(_dot_)com" \
        -rtkA"X-Loop: webmaster(_at_)bigkitty(_dot_)azaccess(_dot_)com" && \
        cat path/to/spambounce.txt

      ! -t

I don't understand why "&&" in the fifth line. Is the logic that the first
pipe might fail? Why would it fail? Why don't we just pipe the thing
straight through?

I've never seen a recipe like the second one (well, that doesn't mean much
given my experience)-- "! -t" accomplishes what "| $SENDMAIL -t" would?


           68 Westy, Admin -- type2 -- The VW Bus Mailing List

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