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Re: getting rid of all but certain headers

1997-10-09 23:18:12

I wrote a short C-program for this that I run from cron every
night, that deletes excess headers on all mail-folders except
a few ones I don't want touched, like "spam" and a few others.

Interested?  Write me!  If enough interest, I'll put it up on
my www site.  C U !

Leif Erlingsson                 Tel     +46 8 604-0995
DATA LEGE                       Fax     +46 8 605-2551
Glavagatan 33                   URL
123 71  Farsta,  Sweden         Email   mailto:leif(_at_)lege(_dot_)com
I remember the past.  I am not doomed to buy Microsoft products.

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