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Re: Filtering out unwanted mime attachments

1997-10-12 18:04:07
Quoting Jari Aalto (jari(_dot_)aalto(_at_)ntc(_dot_)nokia(_dot_)com):
| Sat 97-10-11 "Mike A. Harris" 
<mharris(_at_)blackwidow(_dot_)saultc(_dot_)on(_dot_)ca> list.procmail
| bandwidth wasting file attachments to mailing lists from users
| that use such software.

Carefull...Talking about bandwidth nowadays is asking for trouble and
produces a big counter threat in almost all usenet groups (especially if
somebody attacks against MIME cruft). The truth is that
the bandwith is no more the trouble, fiber cables are constantly
added between servers and core links in the nations.

But the interchanges are close to overloaded in several key areas.
(Witness the recent problems in mae-east, for example.) Gratuitously
wasting bandwidth is really hard to justify.
| I'm tired of receiving the following from mailing lists:

That's basicly the MUA problem. Your MUA should be something that can
handle the displaying for you. Put pressure on your MUA developer,
because we're heading forward and we don't stay forever on the old
ascii days.

But how much better is it to recieve 
"<b>Yes</b>, I <i>want to</i> come to the party."
instead of
"Yes, I want to come to the party."

Especially when you send the same message twice, once in each format.
There isn't much traffic going through mailing lists that actually
_needs_ html markup tags.

| 2) Cryptographic signatures

PGP is crucial and desired and every MUA should support it.
People should learn using PGP instead of saying "hey, I'm not interested
the privacy of my mail". I do understand your reason though, that's
why I have been taking part to developing the X-Pgp-signed proposed standard.

See This message, which is X-pgp signed as well as

Hmm. So it's good for everyone to use a different signature standard?
Especially the RSA format that netscape is using, that takes a 1 or 2 line
message and turns it into a 1 or 2 _k_ message. Also, what's the
advantage of x-pgp over rfc2015?

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