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Re: why did this match?

1997-10-20 01:15:05
On Sun, 19 Oct 97 22:54:57 -0400,
Timothy J Luoma <luomat+procmail(_at_)luomat(_dot_)peak(_dot_)org> wrote:
I've had a mis-hit on my spam-filter, and I can't figure out what matched.
Here's what I saw:
X-SpamChecker: Blocked Domain: from phord (
How can I investigate this further?

Put the relevant parts of your .procmailrc in a new .rc file, save the
offending message to a file, run it through the new .rc file with
VERBOSE=yes, and take a deep breath.

/* era */

Fun hypothesis: your humongous regex contains something like
firsthalf||secondhalf somewhere in it

 Paparazzi of the Net: No matter what you do to protect your privacy,
  they'll hunt you down and spam you. <>

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