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Re: broken message IDs

1997-10-21 16:03:49

Perhaps I should have phrased the question better. I have, presently,
34 pieces of mail in my mailbox with the "X-MSMail-Priority" header,
but only four messages with MAPI message IDs (three of them being the
same, the fourth different for about 20 bytes). Clearly this is not
*just* a case of MS Mail doing stupid things, most MS Mail message IDs
are quite reasonable. A few lack fully qualified domain names and a
few have message IDs that were added by my local server (<ahem>). But
it is these <MAPI\(_dot_)Id\(_dot_)(_dot_)*(_at_)MAPI\(_dot_)to\(_dot_)RFC822> 
that are troublesome.

What software generates MAPI message IDs?

I /dev/null dupes, no need to CC list posts.  It is not my responsibility to
prove to you my mail is not spam, if mail to you bounces it will not be resent.

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