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Re: It's the dish, not the culture.

1997-10-26 13:39:16
On Sun, 26 Oct 1997 13:48:26 -0600 (CST), dattier(_at_)wwa(_dot_)com 
(David W. Tamkin) wrote:
Era Eriksson spoke in favor of public rather than private replies to most
posts on this list [without touching on the issue of sending a private reply
with a public carbon], and he added,

Actually, what I meant was that I usually respond directly as well as
to the list, for more or less the reasons you stated. When I know, as
I do with you, that the respondent will be reading the list anyway, I
try to remember to trim away the private Cc: (unless it's urgent or

| Anyhow, one way or the other, this is obviously something that could
| rather easily be decided by some sort of majority vote or whatever.
I must disagree. Where to send replies very rarely is something to
set one way for all posts to a given list. It should be determined
on a response-by-response basis, primarily by the first poster's
preference if stated and secondarily by the respondent's decision

You are addressing this only from the private recipient's point of
view. I would imagine that a discussion about the +general+
desirability of list Cc:s might be of some interest. I find myself
wondering about the "extra" traffic I generate, but usually tell
myself that if I don't copy the list, other subscribers will be
generating at least the same amount of "extra" traffic when they
respond to the same question, perhaps each of them in private, perhaps
even weeks after the question was originally asked. 
  A reasonable consensus could, for instance, be to agree to add
"list-cc" to the subject line of such messages, to make it easier to
filter them out if you're not interested. (This particular tag is a
bad choice because it will sound to people like they ought to add it
to all messages they respond to with a Cc: to the list, when you would
only want them to so tag stuff that is more or less mundane.)

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