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Re: Please help -- couple of questions

1997-10-30 23:02:48
Hi Philip,

thanks for the quick reply!! ;)

Let me expand on my questions... 

On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Philip Guenther wrote:

1. does it at all support maildir format (in contrast to mailbox format)?

Someone has released a patch with add maildir support.  Check the qmail
hmmm but then is this only for qmail or can this patch deliver maildir
support for sendmail?

2. If it doesnt support maildir (which makes mailboxes over NFS very
feasible) is there a reliable NFS solution for delivering the mail? (I'm
using Linux 2.0.30)

Unless your NFS server is _totally_ broken, procmail reliably delivers
over NFS.
Ok, so let's say I setup procmail to deliver to $HOME/.mailbox (BTW how do
I do that with procmail?). Then all the home directories are mounted oer
NFS to multiple hosts. Some users will run pine, others will use POP3,
etc, etc... can I expect that there will be no problems with mail delivery
(and mail reading) due to NFS? I have yet to trust a mailbox over NFS
because of file locking difficulties over NFS...

4. Can procmail be used to deliver a message BOTH to a local program and
at the same time redirect to a user? What I mean is, I have a makemap file
for sendmail which redirects email to some outside users... however I'd
like to also pipe the message (at least the "To:" header) into a program.
What's the best way to do that?

Yes.  If the values in your sendmail map are in "mailer:host" format
and it's checked from ruleset 0, then you should just be able to say

      whateveraddress         procmail:/etc/procmailrcs/whatever
ok, my makemap files are in the format:
someuser        otheruser(_at_)otherdomain(_dot_)com
someuser(_at_)somedomain(_dot_)com      otheruser(_at_)otherdomain(_dot_)com

and I have a couple thousand redirects like that in the makemap db...

by /etc/procmailrcs/whatever do you mean to say that each redirect would
have to have its own recipe entry? If so, that would be quite a pain to
have a couple thousand of those... :(

then make sure you include the procmail mailer in your .cf and put your
procmail recipes in /etc/procmailrcs/whatever.  (Locating the rcfile in
/etc/procmailrcs so that procmail knows to setuid itself to the owner
of the rcfile.  That way you can control who the program is run as.)

      :0 c
      | some-program

      ! some(_at_)remote(_dot_)address
How about this:
Let's say that for the particular domain, I setup such that it
will call procmail with a particular recipe. Can that recipe have what you
have above, but then instead of "! some(_at_)remote(_dot_)address" can I have a
makemap lookup, so it will send based on the incoming address an then
redirect it?

Thanks for your help!!!


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