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Re: Trying to run procmail with Cyrus imapd and sendmail

2001-06-15 22:03:45
On Sat 16 Jun 2001, Louis LeBlanc wrote:
On 06/15/01 09:07 PM, Igor Pruchanskiy sat at the `puter and typed:
Louis, as i said on the mutt-users list I've been using this recipe for a
while and it always worked for me. I actually got it from the
The reason i use it is when you use Maildir mutt does not report size of
the message in bytes, like it usually does with mbox format. So the Lines
is just an addition.....

Anyway, here is where i got it:
scroll down to 
"With Maildir, all the messages have a length of 0!"


You are correct.  I thought I was paying attention when I wasn't
again.  Sorry.  I think the problem is in the mailbox format (this
technical problem anyway - my problem I can still blame on the Vicodin
and Percoset I'm taking for a torn muscle %-).
For some reason, formail is putting out a format that Cyrus dislikes.
I am pretty sure I'm not using Maildir, so this may be why I can't get
it to work.  I tried using the -Y flag on the formail call, but no

BTW, I am assuming Maildir is a mailbox format?  As in mbox, etc?  No

Yes Maildir is a mailbox format. The difference between mbox and Maildir
that mbox stores mail in one big, basically text file, while Maildir keeps
each message in a separate file. Maildir was first introduced by qmail as a
native mailbox format, but procmail made it possible to use Maildir even
if you are using some other MTA, such as sendmail, postfix or exim. I am a
big sendmail fan but Maildir looks too damn attractive. The advantage of
Maildir is that it is NFS safe. My $HOME at work is NFS mounted and i
learned a lesson when NFS share went down and my mbox file with over 4,000
messages got hosed. However, disadvantage of Maildir is that if you run it
on a system with few hundred users your box can run out of inodes, which
is pretty minor and rarely happens. 

The structure of Maildir is pretty weird and takes couple of days to get
used to.

$HOME/Maildir has 

Um... here....


P.S. There is a script called mbox2maildir on that will convert
your mail into Maildir. Mutt has built in Maildir support. However BACKUP 
YOUR MAIL first, because mbox2maildir MOVES all mail from mbox to Maildir
and you end up with no mbox...


need to continue in ignorance if I am wrong.  Unfortunately, I haven't
been able to find any info on using formail with Cyrus, nor any info
on acceptable mailbox formats for Cyrus.

Thanks for your patience folks.

Louis LeBlanc
Fully Funded Hobbyist, KeySlapper Extrordinaire :)
leblanc(_at_)acadia(_dot_)ne(_dot_)mediaone(_dot_)net                т©т╛
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