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Re: Re: ".procmailrc" & "sh"--solved

2001-06-24 03:22:58
David W. Tamkin wrote (Sat 23-Jun-2001, 23:56:26 -0500)

1. Is /bin/sh the value of $SHELL in your .procmailrc?


2. In your .procmailrc's $PATH, does /bin precede any other directory that
   has an executable called "date"?

I have only one "date". (I have made a find.) But: I am an idiot; I have
forgotten to put /bin in .procmailrc's $PATH!

3. Is your mail delivered on the same machine where you had the shell session
   from which you showed us the output of the two which commands and the date

Problem solved--works perfectly now; but: yes.

Pentultimately, it's not efficient to run date for every piece of incoming
mail.  Better, you should do it once a day with cron if you can.  In your
crontab, put this:

 0 0 * * * echo LOGFILE\=\$MAILDIR/log.`/bin/date +'%y-%m-%d'` > 

and in your .procmailrc, instead of LOGFILE=anything,


David, this is a very intelligent idea; will do stans pede in uno. With
this suggestion already it has been worth subscribing to the list.

Thank you very much for helping. (BTW I am even a double idiot: between my
"LOGFILE=" and `"et cetera"' there never has been any space.)

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