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Change Default Del. Dir.

2001-06-26 08:18:26
Hey Guys -

I'm new to this list so I apologize if I am posting in the wrong forum.
Anyhow, I am running a SendMail server with Procmail running as the
LDA.  Is there a way to change the dir. that procmail delivers mail to?
In other words how do I change the mail dir. from /var/spool/mail/$user
to /home/$user/mail??

Does this require recompiling?  If so what is the necessary switch that
I need to provide when doing so??

Thank you for your time

Jeff Baldwin
Computer Consultant II
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Phone:  (919) 966-0096
Fax:  (919) 966-9920
E-Mail:  jeff_baldwin(_at_)unc(_dot_)edu

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