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Re: forcing maildir delivery in /var/mail/$LOGNAME/ ?

2001-08-02 09:59:19
Louis-David Mitterrand <vindex(_at_)apartia(_dot_)ch> writes:
* On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 09:34:27AM -0500, Philip Guenther wrote:
Louis-David Mitterrand <vindex(_at_)apartia(_dot_)ch> writes:
I am trying to force procmail to deliver with the maildir format in
/var/spool/mail with this /etc/procmailrc:

First of all, you must be running procmail version 3.15 or later.


I don't know if Debian has patched it themselves, but version 3.21 has
a bug in its maildir delivery that makes it generate incorrect maildir
filenames, sometimes including slashes such that it fails the delivery,
possibly bouncing the mail.  For now, 'production' systems and people
who use maildir are recommended to use version 3.15.2.

For everyone or just for one or more users?  If for everyone, then edit
the src/authenticate.c file and change the MAILSPOOLSUFFIX #define to read


then recompile and reinstall procmail.

Thanks for the suggestion but I run Debian and will not recompile
packages and would rather not use functionality that requires source
code tweaking.

Having mailspools default to maildir format requires recompiling procmail.
I have plans on how to remove that restriction in some future version,
but that hasn't happened yet.

If just for one or more users, then give them .procmailrc files that say


and create /var/spool/mail/$LOGNAME as a directory that they own with
mode 700.

Why do I have to create a directory? Isn't procmail supposed to do that

Procmail 'screens' the mailspool before parsing *any* rcfiles:
that's how it can guarantee that the spool is safe to use for both the
/etc/procmailrc and the $HOME/.procmailrc files.  Therefore, nothing you
put in the rcfiles can alter how the screening routine works.  Ergo,
you either need to recompile procmail with the correct information or
force procmail's hand by precreating the spool as a directory.

Note that creating the spool as a directory is not enough to make procmail
treat it as a maildir: you also have to add the trailing slash to DEFAULT
(add ORGMAIL, just in case).  Otherwise procmail will use its default
directory mailbox format as described in the last paragraph of the
"Recipe action line" section of the procmailrc(5) manpage.

Philip Guenther
Procmail Maintainer
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