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Re: Sircam filter failing??

2001-08-03 07:51:59
On  3 Aug, Colin J. Raven wrote:
| Hi Gang!!
| A colleague of mine (not subscribed to this list) deployed a sircam recipe
| and it's failing. [...]
| #I think this was the finally agreed version.

I don't want to waded into that one again. ;-)

| Here's what his verbose output is and boy is this puzzling:
| procmail: [24416] Fri Aug  3 01:23:33 2001
| procmail: Skipped "0:sircam.lock"
| procmail: Skipped "* B ?? Hi\! How are you(\?|=3F)"
| procmail: Skipped "* 1^0 B ?? I send you this file in order to have your
| advice"
| procmail: Skipped "* 1^0 B ?? I hope you like the file that I send( t)?o
| you"
| procmail: Skipped "* 1^0 B ?? This is the file with the information that you
| ask for"
| procmail: Skipped "* B ?? See you later(\.|=2E) Thanks"
| procmail: Skipped "/home/tmp/sircam"

It's only a guess, but I'd be suspicious that a previous recipe isn't
properly terminated. Most probably missing an action, but possibly a
missing closing brace or quote. (I think either of those would produce
it's own error message though.)  One other possibility is a typo in a
variable name. I've had that where the the variable is expanded to
nothing because it's the wrong name (e.g. SIZE=whatever, then trying to
use SIXE where an empty string or null value is unacceptable). But then
I think that would just cause that particular recipe to fail, not ones
following it. That is unless the typo is in the action line, rendering
it incomprenensible, in which case it could be the cause of the problem
in the first guess.

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