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Re: remove duplicates on OLD mailboxes

2001-08-09 15:24:39
"David R. Linn" <drl(_at_)vuse(_dot_)vanderbilt(_dot_)edu> writes:
I added the -d flag because the file (from v3.15.1) says

.B \-(_at_)FM_DIGEST@
Tell formail that the messages it is supposed to split need not be in
strict mailbox format (i.e. allows you to split digests/articles or
non-standard mailbox formats).  This disables recognition of the
.B Content-Length:

and Marco indicated that his mailbox was likely to be munged.  I interpreted
that to mean that his mailbox was likely not to be in 'strict mailbox format'.

Well, maybe.  Without knowing more about how the messages are munged,
I would tend to try it first with just -Y and -s, and only switch to
-d -s if the munged messages cause problems.  Either that or whip up
a perl script to unmunge the problem messages...

Philip Guenther
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