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Re: config question

2001-08-21 11:45:10
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On 21 Aug, Professional Software Engineering wrote:
| At 17:59 2001-08-20 +0200, Viljo Marrandi wrote:
| >[...]
| >Now the question is how can i configure procmail so, that it doesn't care
| >if user exists or not, but just scans ^TO_ and sends mail to perl script?
| If sendmail cannot identify the local user, it'll bounce the message before 
| ever attempting local delivery -- after all, by the time it invokes the 
| LDA, the local user must have been identified so that it can be handed to 
| that account.
| You should read up on wildcards and virtusertable (in sendmail, not 
| procmail).  The following should probably do what you're asking (which thus 
| far is pretty vague):
|          *(_at_)lists(_dot_)myserver(_dot_)net    listaccount

I use simply "" on the left side of my virtusertable
without the "*", and don't see it in my documentation. I don't know if
it's optional, has a different meaning, is correct for newer sendmail
versions than mine, or was a finger check by Sean, but check your
sendmail documentation for proper syntax if necessary.

Lastly, this is probably off since I'm not up on the context of the
thread, but sendmail can be configured to accept messages for unknown
users by defining LUSER_RELAY. I doubt this is what Viljo wants, as it
just means the account designated as LUSER_RELAY has to be configured
to do whatever's supposed to be done with the perl script anyway. So
nothing would apparently be gained over creating an account, an alias,
or using the virtusertable. And it's a considerably worse solution if
the server talks to the world, because it's then open to a spammer's
dictionary attack.

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