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Re: sync References with In-Reply-To

2006-02-10 09:33:01
On 2/10/06, Ruud H.G. van Tol <rvtol(_at_)isolution(_dot_)nl> wrote:
Ian Zimmerman wrote:

The MATCH would always start with whitespace, because the ' *' will
match nothing (because the \/ is greedy).

Greedy _leftwards_ ?!?

Yes, see the procmail man pages.

All the manpage says it this:

Some non-optimal and non-obvious regexps set MATCH to an incorrect
value.  The regexp can be made to  work by removing one or more
unneeded '*', '+', or '?' operator on the left-hand side of the \/

I don't see how my '*' is "unneeded", as removing it will change the
set of strings
covered (it won't match when there's no leading whitespace).


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