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Re: [OT] jfabricio(_at_)greenwichint(_dot_)com(_dot_)br

2006-02-16 09:49:39
Sean Straw / PSE schreef:
Google Kreme wrote:

Can someone please remove his subscription?  he is vacation-replying
every post and will keep doing so through the end of the month.

I'll wait for an autoreply on this message, and if I get one, I'll
purge the address.  I did not receive an auto reply to a post
yesterday morning ..

Me neither, so far. Maybe the messages got silently rejected by DNSBL

I see this vacation-replying happen often with other lists, like

That jfabricio is JAF350:

$ whois
domain: [...]
owner-c:     JAF350 [...]
nserver: [...]
person:      Joao Americo Fabricio
e-mail:      jfabricio(AT) [...]
remarks:     Mail abuse issues should also be addressed to
remarks:     mail-abuse(AT) [...] says:

host (getting name) =

Reporting addresses: postmaster(AT)
postmaster(AT)  mail-abuse(AT)  mail-abuse(AT)

Grtz, Ruud

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