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what happens to mail when device is full?

2006-02-16 13:36:14
I had a working mailserver (on freebsd), with postfix, courier-imap, procmail
and virus/spam scanning.

Then my device ran out of space. I will try and document what happened, as I'm
not sure if it could have been a part of the problem.

I wanted to install mysql51 server and client, but first I had to deinstall
The system complained that some programs, horde and some others, can't remember
the specific programs, dependended on mysql client, but I was maybe a bit
blueeyed and thought the new version is just as good.
made a "make install" without the clean that I normally uses and installed the
server and the client version of mysql51.
This fillede op my /usr device.
I started wondering during the day why I didn't get any mails and thought it had
to do with the mysql4-client. So deinstall mysql51 and install mysql4.

Tried sending a few test mails, nothing happened.

Looked in the mail log file and realised that the device /usr was full.

Cleaned the device and now have enough space. Started receiving emails again.

Thought that earlier mails would be resend to me and others on the domain, but
then I studied the maillog file some more and here is what I found:

Feb 16 10:44:19 9k imapd: Error: No space left on device
Feb 16 10:44:20 9k spamd[75551]: clean message (0.3/5.0) for heos:1003 in 3.9
seconds, 1298 bytes.
Feb 16 10:44:20 9k postfix/local[75546]: 930686145: to=<heos(_at_)9k(_dot_)dk>,
relay=local, delay=4, status=sent (delivered to command:
/usr/local/bin/procmail - /usr/local/etc/procm
Feb 16 10:44:20 9k postfix/qmgr[94792]: 930686145: removed
Feb 16 10:44:26 9k imapd: Failed to create cache file: maildir_lock (heos)

Unfortunately the logfile for procmail had been disabled, so I couldn't find any
help there.

Now my question is, what happened? It looks to me as if the mails where
delivered to the procmail command and then removed from the postfix mailqueue.
Where did the mails go, into the blue? The test mails I have send where not
bounced back, so it may seem as if they were accepted and store somewhere on
the machine.

Any suggestions og request for more information are welcome.



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