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Re: Forward e-mail ?

2007-01-24 04:23:08
Magnus Holmberg schreef:

I have this in my .procmailrc:

:0 c
* ^To(_dot_)*root\(_at_)mydomain\(_dot_)com
! wqclatre(_at_)anotherdomain(_dot_)com

OK, but what else (that could cause your problem) is in your procmailrc?

* ^To(_dot_)*root\(_at_)mydomain\(_dot_)com

Delivery paths are relative to MAILDIR already, so a ./ would mean the

But the forwarding to ! wqclatre(_at_)anotherdomain(_dot_)com don't work

In the log I get:
procmail: Match on "^To:(_dot_)*root\(_at_)mydomain\(_dot_)com"
procmail: Executing ",wqclatre(_at_)anotherdomain(_dot_)com"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER= wqclatre(_at_)anotherdomain(_dot_)com"
procmail: Match on "^To:(_dot_)*root\(_at_)mydomain\(_dot_)com"
/bin/sh: : No such file or directory

Can someone help me out?

See 'man procmailrc', SENDMAIL and SENDMAILFLAGS. Maybe your procmail is
compiled without proper settings of those?

Groet, Ruud

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