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Re: Wrong syntax?

2009-02-01 07:59:26
On 1-2-2009 7:05, Dallman Ross wrote:
Rem P Roberti wrote Sunday, February 01, 2009 6:45:

This recipe isn't working.

That is not a useful report, Rem.  What do the logs
say about it?  What does the message header look like?

* ^From:.*mailman-owner@
* ^Subject:.* mailing list memberships reminder

Do I have the syntax wrong?

What do the logs say?

One question I would look at early on would be whether there
actually is a space before the word "mailing" in the Subject

Another question is whether the Subject might me MIME-encoded.

All of my mailman-generated reminders have the space in front of the "mailing" since mailing is preceded by the name of the domain hosting the list (and none are MIME-encoded) but none of them come from mailman-owner unless the list itself is named mailman.

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