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Re: John Levine says: SPF Loses Mindshare?

2005-08-04 07:36:42
On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Stuart D. Gathman wrote:

thing that the mail bounced.  Sheesh.  People here act like a DSN
(bounce) is equivalent to the bit bucket.  I was informed immediately
of the problem with earthlink (which was *not* temporary and would
*not* fix itself) and was able to take action to resolve it.

If the receiver had followed your idea, I would still be in the dark
about the broken SPF record.

Actually, with most MTAs, a TEMPFAIL would have informed me right away also.
So SMTP TEMPFAIL on SPF PermError would be fine too.  Eventually, the sender
will give up trying to send if it doesn't get fixed.  I also have to admit
that a DSN *is* equivalent to a black hole when received by a Winduhs

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