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Re: Re: possibilities for 2822

2005-08-18 09:58:40

Stuart D. Gathman wrote:
On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Frank Ellermann wrote:

For that we need either an op=secy or the "add default sender"
trick.  The latter is better, it is completely independent of
any sender policy.  But it should be some kind of "opt-in" on
the side of the receiver.

Yes, the "add default sender" is a local receiver policy.  It is
a work around for when your user base adamantly insists on using
the Outhouse^h^h^h^h^hlook for all their email - even mandating it as a
corporate policy.  Outlook can't be fixed - it is closed source - so feed
it what it will in fact display by default.

This is only applicable to receivers in my situation, and should not
be part of the SPF RFC.  It is, however, an application idea.

My MUA is Pine, and Pine lets you configure which headers are displayed
in the short view (plus toggling all headers is only one key).
Doesn't Mozilla/Thunderbird let you configure which headers are
displayed?  Just configure it to display Return-Path, and forget about
the Sender monkey business.  I don't know how you would get an
office full of end users to configure it consistently, however.

Thunderbird -
> View > Headers > all
then expand the headers in the displayed mail


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