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Re: [spf-discuss] (SOLVED) SPF blocking e-mails coming from an E-card service server

2007-04-27 13:09:22
On Fri, 27 Apr 2007, dan1 wrote:

Thanks to your suggestions, I have now been able to rewrite our E-card
service so that it is compliant with SPF.  It seems to be going through the
SPF as stated by one of our complaining customer.


If you would be willing to add it to the SPF-compliant E-card services, I
would be pleased.. the link is www.edenpics.com, and there is no banner, spam
lists, spies or anything..  It was quite combersome, because I had to handle
the bounces back, which is all that is difficult when we change the sender
address. This is very important, else people won't know that their e-card was
not received. I had to scratch my head some hours to be able to make it work
the right way, but using sendmail and smrsh I finally got it with a php

I hope you added some kind of changing hash token to localpart of MAIL FROM so
that spammers can't use your service as an open bounce relay.  

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