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Re: [spf-discuss] (SOLVED) SPF blocking e-mails coming from an E-card service server

2007-04-27 13:33:02
On Fri, 27 Apr 2007, dan1 wrote:

I hope you added some kind of changing hash token to localpart of MAIL FROM 
that spammers can't use your service as an open bounce relay.

Humm... no not really, and I wouldn't know how to do this.
However I am checking the database to know if the destination addresses are 
right, and also to know the source e-mail address where it can be the only 
The spammer should also probide the exact proper ecard ID, which is 
difficult to guess.

That will do it as far as blocking spammers.  Good job.  You may have problems
with recipients who "helpfully" remove all "unneeded" headers from bounces to
make them "friendly".  (I have ... mumbles disgusted insults under breath
against these MTA "programmers")

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