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Re: [spf-discuss] (SOLVED) SPF blocking e-mails coming from an E-card service server

2007-04-28 06:57:22
I agree, but I have extra reasons.  I hate it when someone gives some web
site my email address. In many cases these sites just want to collect email
addresses to sell or abuse (IMO).  I believe that is why ecards were
invented!  I tell people to just email me the link to whatever and I will
look.  But they never listen.  They just click "email to a friend".  Some


Guy, I agree with you.
However, this is not the case on our site, and it is stated clearly for the user.
The only ecard system I can trust is mine, but I do react the same way than
yourself for all the others. They are plenty of advenrtisements and everything
else, and this smells a lot about money, and email collection.
We don't do that on our site.
In any case, even if we put the cookie security like described by Alex, the problem remains exactly the same, as the server can still keep the e-mails of the sender and
receivers. Therefore this is not an extra reason to my opinion.


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