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Re: [spf-discuss] Support: Anyone willing to take over?

2007-12-21 14:56:03
On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 09:34:49PM -0700, WebMaster(_at_)Commerco(_dot_)Net 

First off, please allow me to thank you for your efforts over the 
years in being an unpaid support contributor to SPF.  Who knows how 
many more adopters SPF has gained by your efforts?  I would guess many.


I had a few quick thoughts about how SPF support might be better 
implemented, if you get any takers willing to do the job for 
free.  You could think of this much in the way a multi tiered support 
organization might operate.

[snip some about money]

I think I have been sending out the wrong signal.

My decision has not to do with money alone.  Sure, I would welcome
some token appreciation in the form of hard cash, but the main reason
to ask for money when opening a ticket, it that it will stop certain
kinds of posts:
* spammers
* people just willing to vent their frustration
* ignorant people thinking they write to their ISPs support desk, or
  their webshop, or whatever

And if a spammer is willing to pay money to get its message delivered
to me, then I wouldn't be bothered by it anymore.

Getting paid to do the job as it currently is would take away a
litle of the pain but would probably not be sufficient. I really
need to get rid of those few bad emails, one way or the other.

This said, thank you for your ideas. And if you or anyone else has
more ideas, please do share them.  I do want free support to continue
if possible.


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