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RE: [spf-discuss] Re: Revising SOFTFAIL

2008-01-05 11:35:42
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That's not exactly what I meant. I was referring to the issue of
sending massive amounts of DSNs to domain owners. Sure, that might
convince domain owners to switch to -all to get rid of all the useless
DSNs </sarcasm>, but they might just as well decide to abandon SPF
altogether then.

Perhaps it's prudent to point out again to receivers that, though SRS was
originally written with the idea of being used in conjunction with SPF, it
can also be used very effectively, as a stand-alone tool, to handle fake
DSNs. I once wrote a small document on that:


So, worried receivers could use a strict fake-DSN detection mechanism,
based on SRS, to deal with the bogocity of fake DSNs, yet still use ~ for

- Mark

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